Refund Policy

  • Interested Persons/Public who apply for Membership of society and are not allotted membership of society shall be refunded full amount within 30 days from the draw.
  • Members who wants to withdraw, surrender or transfer from the membership will not be refunded their Share Application & Membership Fee, nor will they be entitled to any interest payment. However, they will provided assistance, support and advisory for transfer / surrender to the persons who will be interested to become new members of the society at the time of transfer/surrender of membership. The Society will tie up/enter into agreement with such Agency, Authority, Third Party or person or group of persons as the case may be for the benefit of the members to transfer their membership. Any surrender or transfer from membership shall be subject to approvals and resolutions passed in the meetings of Governing Council of the Diamond Multi State CGHS Ltd . and bye-laws of the society. Diamond Multi State CGHS Ltd . shall have no liability on the transfer of the membershipit will act as a facilitator platform to the transferer.